“Aathma” by Persefone

Persefone’s complex attempt to push the boundaries of progressive, death, and melodic metal, Aathma goes to great lenghts to circumscribe the borders of each genre – and break through to something greater that itself. Ambitious and conceptual, this album demands attention.

“Affinity” by Haken

In the span of two minutes, Haken takes you from a 60s sci-fi serial to modern conceptions of space and time, and these elements and more are woven throughout the subsequent hour of progressive metal. Intentional and concentrated listening pays off to reveal a fun and self-confident album.

“Magma” by Gojira

With Magma, Gojira hits what they aimed for: tone-setting with a low fuzz that paints their sound as dark, depressing, dry, and very tight. Minimal and efficient, Magma is an earnest dark progressive metal album, which rewards the patient listener.