I had two goals when I started this blog:

  1. Listen to more new metal and hard rock.
  2. Write about music I like.

Simple enough, right? Every Monday in 2017 I published a review of a recent album by a band I hadn’t listened to before. These were my guaranteed first impressions of a band. Since the end of 2017, I review music much more sporadically. I choose bands and albums I think I’m gonna enjoy, by listening to a lot more stuff and selecting what appeals to me for review. You’ll probably see a lot of positive reviews here, like what the folks over at No Clean Singing, Head-Banger Reviews, and Some Girls Metal publish. Feel free to suggest music for me to review.

All of the music linked on here belongs to the bands. All of the words on here belong to me. Feel free to leave comments and contact me via email with any questions (see the Contact page). Comments are subject to moderation at my whims.

Lots of the music reviewed here can be found on Bandcamp.



About the author

David Laws is a fan of listening to music and thinking really hard about it. He also enjoys going to national parks, riding his bicycle, and looking at the stars. He hopes you find a new way to listen to a band as a result of reading this website.